Preggo Rock

It was by chance all of us were together that night, partying and having a good old time in downtown Ottawa. I just came across this photo of these ladies out on the town and decided to post it as a way to congratulate them all at once.  What are [...]

Today was a beautiful afternoon. It is a rare day like today, that temporarily tricks your mind into thinking that living in a city with this type of climate, is a good idea. Since we were blessed with such a beautiful day, it would have been a waste if we [...]

Instead of a boring day in the office, I got to help out on a video production. My back kills but it was pretty fun, meet some great people and I learned a thing or two about what goes on behind the scenes.  ”Van do you want to be a [...]

This passed Sunday, I spent a full day participating in this commercial for Battle Reels. It was a long day but it was pretty fun I must say to be an “actor” for a day.  Anyhow, the video debuts this Friday at the Digi60 Seconds Spring Screening. When I wasn’t [...]