I recently started a personal portrait project with the help of Amy Volume, Eric Bollman and Andy Leung. The project was to photograph radio DJs in their own environment, and perhaps get a little snapshot into their lives to see the person behind the voice we hear on the radio. I [...]


Preggo Rock

It was by chance all of us were together that night, partying and having a good old time in downtown Ottawa. I just came across this photo of these ladies out on the town and decided to post it as a way to congratulate them all at once.  What are [...]

Phil is a Mason by trade. He is also a friend. I didn’t like him when I had first met him because I thought he was going to fight me for no reason. I had once seen him just randomly punch a guy playing pool at the Dominion Tavern when he [...]

My wife Heidi and I have been going weekly to Nature’s Buzz for almost two years now. They know me as the asian guy that buys a lot of vegetables (well I added the asian part). I don’t want to start a debate about organic vegetables, whether it is worth it [...]