Phil is a Mason by trade. He is also a friend. I didn’t like him when I had first met him because I thought he was going to fight me for no reason. I had once seen him just randomly punch a guy playing pool at the Dominion Tavern when he [...]

My wife Heidi and I have been going weekly to Nature’s Buzz for almost two years now. They know me as the asian guy that buys a lot of vegetables (well I added the asian part). I don’t want to start a debate about organic vegetables, whether it is worth it [...]

As an experiment, Heidi and I started twitter accounts for our cats. Yeah I know, we have serious cat issues. The main reason I did this, was that I suck at marketing myself and I thought I can do a way better job, if I was marketing somebody else. It takes [...]

This is Heidi’s uncle Harry. I have only met him a couple times and in this photo was the last time I saw Harry. He never said much to me; gave me a beer at this occasion, while giving me the “you better take care of Heidi” face. I have [...]

My grandma lives in a home that is subsidized by the government. It is not a retirement home as there are no nurses, and she is free to do as she pleases, but the whole building is filled with the elderly. I think it is a pretty good setup for [...]

My wife and I had lunch here about a month ago and we were really happy with our food. I have heard good things about the homemade pasta and sauces, and everything people say are right! There are plenty of little gems in the Beechwood, Vanier and New Edinburgh area and I [...]

A lot of respect for baby or children photographers! I am no good at this! The first time I photographed my nephew, I wasn’t too happy with them as they just looked like snapshots I did of the baby (3 weeks old). I had no props and really no clue what [...]

I call this headshot portrait ”Sad Rich”. I think he looks sad in this photo, but Heidi says he does not. I am pretty sure he looks sad as when I took the photo, I specifically told Rich to look sad, but not too sad. I guess Heidi is fixated with the [...]